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Afrodyziac was born out of a small garage in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. The story of Afro is as enigmatic as it is bizarre. A seasoned art dealer and grandson of well know South African artist turned self-taught renegade graffiti, abstract and pop artist with a flair for color usage. 


Afrodyziac explores the use of mixed media on predominantly found objects and old paintings as well has no set formal style or usage of traditional brushes ort techniques.


Afros subject matter is feral and wild in nature as well as pays no concern to systematic styles or conventional mediums. Afro only uses his hands and fingers to create all his artworks. 

Afrodyziac started to explore creating art as a means of therapy to deal with anxiety and ADHD and one can see the chaos and free-spirited thought that is portrayed in his work.

Afrodyziac is a beautiful testament to the notion that Art has no boundaries as well as pushes the notion that we have to look past the system and the structures that are societal norms and the status quo

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Pottery Class
Female Potter Making Mug


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